Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Aulay, Day 16

Dr. Mc looks so content holding her little man.
My family is so appreciative of the well wishes, blessings and prayers we are receiving for the little man. I'm already beginning to plan a "sip-and-see" for Aulay after he is home and safe in our arms. Mr. B and I will invite people to come by our house, see the little man in all his glory, and enjoy a sip of something delicious.

I love the photos that Dr. Mc and Nick take of each other holding Aulay. The one I'm posting today of my daughter holding her son makes me smile and cry every time I look at it. How time has flown since January 3, 1980, when I delivered the little blonde cutie named Kendall. How sweet it is to see her cradling her little man with his tiny little fingers resting on her chest. She and Nick are such loving parents to the tiny little man who is getting stronger every day. I'm happy to write that, except for one instance, we continue to receive wonderful reports about his health and progress.

Today I'm creating lunch with Dr. Mc, Nick and Kendall's godmother Melissa (a.k.a. Mitzie). It should be fun and relaxing. I didn't sleep last night because Mr. B wasn't feeling well. His blood pressure was so high that he went to the emergency room. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong with him, but I still stayed awake all night listening to him breathe.

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