Sunday, September 7, 2014

Aulay, Day 20; Mr. B, Home, Sweet Home

Mother and child.
Mr. B was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon, which made him much happier than it did me. I expected doctors to figure out what is wrong and fix his problem(s). Instead, Mr. B was sent home with no solutions. I'm not sure I can explain my frustration with the situation. There's something wrong with Mr. B and no one can tell us what it is or how I can help him. Maybe my frustration is actually fear? Or helplessness?

My place is with Mr. B right now. I haven't seen my little prince since Thursday. Doctors know what his problems are and they are working to get him stronger. Aulay is in good hands. I stare at new photos that are posted by family and smile at the images of his sweet little face.

Today I'm creating a cleaner house. Just before I came home from Santa Fe, Mr. B had the living and dining rooms painted. That means that artwork is sitting on the floor unhung and other items are displaced. When Mr. B brought my stuff back from the casita in Santa Fe, the car was unloaded and most items remain where he dropped them. It's time I did some cleaning up and de-cluttering.

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