Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Aulay, Day 22

Aulay and me.
The little prince was born three weeks ago today. He has changed the lives of so many people! I'm not sure how it is possible, but I love him more every day.

I had a terrific visit with him last night. He was alert and wiggly for most of the hour I was there. Fairly soon after I got there, the nurse said she was going to do his assessment, which includes taking his vital signs, changing his diaper, and feeding him (through the tube that goes to his stomach). She opened the top of his incubator, which meant that I was able to touch the sweet boy. After she took his vital signs, the nurse asked if I wanted to change his diaper. This sounds crazy, but what a treat for me! I had removed his diaper and cleaned him up when he decided to pee on the nurse. That meant that I got to clean him again before putting a new diaper on him. I explained to Aulay that I didn't have experience with little boys, since I had two daughters, but that I would learn and get faster. Before the nurse put the lid back down on his incubator, she asked if I had a picture with him. I said no so she took one (pic-of-the-day, week, month, year, decade, etc.).

Today I'm creating a morning at my client's office. I'm hoping that when I'm finished, Mr. B will have made an appointment with the cardiologist he was referred to late yesterday afternoon. While he is in good spirits, I can tell that he isn't feeling 100%. Love you Mr. B and little prince.

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