Friday, August 1, 2014

On Aug. 1, Houston gets a cool front

Dinner with Mr. B and the McZams last night.
I made it to Houston yesterday. Before leaving I boarded Rose at a kennel. As I was driving away she was at the end of her leash trying to get to me. Seeing her and knowing that she was afraid she is being abandoned was heartbreaking. I cried most of the way from SFe to ABQ.

When I got to Houston there were several packages here. I've been buying baby clothes and having them delivered to HOU. I forget how tiny babies are when they are born. Last night Mr. B and I had dinner with Dr. Mc and #1 son-in-law Nick. Tex-Mex food. Yum! I brought half my dinner home and ate it for dinner tonight. Double yum!

Today I'm creating an e-mail blast before lunch with four former co-workers. It's always good to catch up with gal pals.

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