Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Aulay, Day 2

The little prince today, working on his tan.
The comments people have posted about Aulay are incredible. It's amazing how many people have had a similar experience with premature births or who are just offering prayers and well wishes. The prayers must be working because Aulay's breathing tube was removed today and Nick was there to see his son take his first breaths on his own. When I got to the hospital today I checked on Kendall first to drop off the dry shampoo and a hairband she requested me to bring. Then Mr. B and I went to the newborn ICU (NICU). We stood in front of Aulay's incubator and watched him blow bubbles as he breathed in and out. His heart was beating hard and his little chest was moving up and down with each breath he took. He was under a light for jaundice so we could see all the "peach fuzz" on his little head, arms and legs. I couldn't move away from the incubator because I was mesmerized by the movements of his tiny feet and hands. I stood there so long that one of the nurses asked me if I wanted a chair. I talked to Aulay about how much his mama loves him, but can't come to see him just yet because of all the IVs in her arms. I also assured him that someday soon his mama will hold him in her arms, kiss his tiny head, and make all his cares vanish. If only I could do that for my daughter today!

Some people have asked me about the origin of Aulay's name. There are multiple parts to the story, so stay with me. Part one: All of the men in Nick's family have first names that begin with an "A". Art Zamora (Nick's father). Abram Zamora (who we know as Nick). Alex Zamora (his brother). And the list goes on. Kendall and Nick wanted to follow this tradition, so they searched for a name that began with an "a". Part two: Kendall continues to use her maiden name, McCarley, which is a Scotch/Irish surname. We learned that McCarley went through several reincarnations during the decades, but probably started as Macaulay. Kendall and Nick decided to dropped the first three letters (Mac) and there was a first name for their son that began with an "a": Aulay. Finally his middle name (Evan), was chosen by Kendall and Nick to honor Evan Lizabeth McCarley, Kendall's younger sister.

Today I'm creating more time to spend with my much loved family. Mr. B and I spent several hours with Kendall, Nick and Evan at the hospital. The rule is that there can only be two guests in an ICU room at any time, but the nurses are very kind to let us all be together in Kendall's room. I can't say enough good things about the nurses in both ICU and NICU at Women's Hospital of Texas.

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