Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thanks to AURA, the Titan goddess of the breeze

Gael Stack, 5'x6' oil on canvas,circa 1974-5.
The long anticipated first Saturday of August, a.k.a. White Linen Night in the Heights, is here! Literally months of planning and budgeting all come together at 5 p.m. tonight when I'll enter a dusty old building in a white linen dress. The good news is that the temperature will only be in the mid-80s AND the humidity will be low. With a larger budget this year I'm not having to do most of the work myself as I did last year. I just have to be at the venue an hour early so the buffet and bars can be set up.

The pic-of-the-day is of a painting by nationally and internationally known artist Gael Stack. Mr. B and I bought the painting 10 years ago from Pennzoil's collection of Texas artist. It hung in my office, then went though a cleaning and restoration before going to Mr. B's office and finally coming home to our Houston living room on Friday. Welcome!

Today I'm creating an afternoon with some pampering. First I'm having a mani/pedi then I'm hoping for an undo. This is the first time I'm going to Blow Dry Bar. No haircutting is involved, just a hairdo. I'm keeping an open mind that the stylist can get my shoulder-length hair off the back of my neck.

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