Friday, August 22, 2014

Aulay, Day 4

The little man stretched out and waiting on a new diaper.
The doctors have forewarned us that Kendall and Aulay will have good and bad days with their health. Sure enough, we had small setbacks with both of them today. Kendall was having a terrible time breathing today and her blood pressure was up again. This afternoon she had a chest X-ray and it was discovered that she has fluid in her lungs. She wasn't moved back to ICU, but she is back on an IV so medicine will get in her system faster. By tonight her blood pressure was down again, but she won't be going home tomorrow as planned.

The little man had a two-hour procedure today to insert a central line, and after that he was put back on antibiotics. I was able to see him twice today for a short time. The first time was immediately after his two-hour procedure. He was laying on his stomach (they do that in the hospital because it helps babies digest plus he is hooked up to so many monitors and they know if he stops breathing). The second time I saw him was for a little longer during his 6 p.m. feeding. The nurse turned him over to his back and he cried because he didn't like the disruption in his sleep. Next the nurse put the thermometer under in his armpit and he cried because he doesn't like his arm being held down. Then the nurse changed his diaper. When she walked away I snapped the pic-of-the-day with him stretched out. I couldn't resist putting my hand in the incubator to touch his tiny foot with my finger. I think the expression is "smooth as butter." After the nurse put a fresh diaper on him he got his dinner and was put back on his stomach. I'm not sure his eyes opened this entire time. I left telling him "good night, sweet prince. I love you."

Today I'm creating another day at the hospital with Kendall and Aulay. We're continuing to be thankful for Nick who only leaves Kendall's bedside if a family member is with her. He must be exhausted, but keeps on going. What a terrific husband and daddy!

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