Monday, August 4, 2014

Last day in H-town

My grandparents with Daddy/Poppy in the mid-1940s.
Daddy would have been 85 today.
Have you heard about the woman who has a 3,000+ closet? I think she lives in The Woodlands. I'm sorry that more than one $1 million in jewelry was stolen, including a locket with her deceased son's hair. Who doesn't set the alarm before going out with all those values in the house? Maybe the woman should put some mirrors in her closet or look in the ones she has. What's up with women getting so much Botox and fillers that their faces look plastic? I can't believe these women (and men) think they look attractive. Let me get old and wrinkled before I look plastic!

I had lunch with friend and former officemate Kelly today. I'm so happy for her! She and her longtime beau Cliff are planning their wedding for October. Apparently there is a business opportunity for a designer who caters to mature brides. When I married Mr. B almost 20 years and didn't feel a bridal gown was appropriate, I had a dress made. Kelly is running into the same problem as I had.

Today I'm creating the finishing touches on two magazine articles in-between meetings. One meeting down and two to go. I also need to gather up what I'm taking back to Santa Fe with me tomorrow. I've enjoyed my visit, but am ready to head back to the high desert. I know Rose has been missing me!

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