Monday, August 25, 2014

Aulay, Day 7: Happy one week birthday to the Little Man

The little man with his eyes open as I talked to him.
You can see his blonde hair on the side of his head.
I hear that some of Kendall and Nick's friends are reading my blogs to keep up-to-date on the McZam family adventures. I'm happy to supply daily reports and will continue to do so until Aulay is home.

It has been one hell of a week since last Monday when I got the email from Dr. Mc that Nick was taking her to the hospital. It was a blessing for all of us that Dr. Mc and Aulay had a terrific team of doctors and nurses, although it probably wasn't how we would have wanted Aulay's birth to occur. After giving birth last Tuesday, Kendall is getting stronger and stronger as the days go by. She was hoping to be paroled from the hospital today, but is still here. Her blood pressure is good and the fluid is gone from her lungs. The doctor's main concern for Dr. Mc now is that she may have a problem with clotting, which is sometimes an issue with women who have pre-eclampsia as severe as hers. I spent about 45 minutes sitting with Aulay this morning. He lost weight after his birth, as most babies do. He is now a whopping 1 lb. 12 oz. He was off of the jaundice light this morning and the doctors tell his mom and dad that he is a strong little man, and an extremely active little baby. He is always moving his arms and legs around. Nick said when he and Kendall went to see the little man this morning that one of his legs was straight up in the air. Right now each of Aulay's arms and legs are about the circumference of my index fingers. He has really long fingers and long skinny feet. Nick continues to be a trooper! He was voted 2014 Best Drummer in Houston by readers of the Houston Press. I've nominated and elected him Best New Dad and Husband! He got us lunch from Chipotle today. While we were all three munching away the hospital's dietician came in to talk to Kendall about healthy eating. At least Nick and I weren't drinking beer as we did on Saturday night when his parents brought pizza to the hospital.

Today I'm creating an afternoon at the hospital. I did spend about two minutes reviewing and approving a poster for a client so it can be printed. I really think I need to take it easy and ease back into work and day-to-day life, don't you?

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