Thursday, August 21, 2014

Aulay, Day 3

Nick's hand inside the incubator cradling
Aulay's head provides a good perspective
about the little man's tiny size. 
Kendall's blood pressure got to a normal range today and she was able to leave ICU. Nick put her in a wheelchair and took her to see her son for the first time since he was born. She was able to touch him and spend time with Aulay before going to her new room. Unfortunately, when she got to her new room her blood pressure had spiked, even though I had her lay semi-reclined for about an hour. When I left around 6:30 p.m. tonight the nurses had called the doctor to see what he wants to do about Kendall's blood pressure.

I was able to spend about an hour in front of Aulay's incubator today. At one point I saw his bottom lip quivering and commented to the nurse who was with another preemie about 10 feet away, "He's crying!" She responded that it was time for his dinner and he wanted to be fed. Before she got to his incubator a few minutes later, Aulay entertained me by stretching his tiny arms above his head and lifting his bird legs up. I stood by as the nurse took off his cap so I could see the blonde hair on his head. He cried again when she took his temperature under his arm. He didn't care for it when she changed his itty-bitty diaper, but sucked down the small amount of milk she put in his feeding tube. Then she put his cap back on his head, moved him on his left side, and he was sleeping again. I whispered "I love you little man" and blew him a kiss before returning to Kendall's room to check on her.

Today I'm creating time to do some shopping for Kendall. I was in foreign territory when I went to Babies R Us way out Westheimer to find her a special bra. Next I went to get her some gowns and a robe to wear now that she's in a regular room. Like me, Kendall wears big stretchy pants and a huge t-shirt to bed, which didn't seem appropriate hospital wear.

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