Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quiet day

It's margarita time.
I had tons of fun last night with Tracye. I drove her downtown and up Canyon Road. Then we had wine and crudités before dinner, all the while talking and laughing. It was a great visit in Santa Fe with someone who lives less that a half mile from me in Houston. Rose even gave Tracye a kiss when we dropped her back at her hotel.

Since I cleaned house and washed clothes on Monday and Tuesday, today has been a (mostly) quiet day at the casita. Of course, the day is never totally quiet when Rose is within ear range. Her snoring can be heard all over the house.

Today I'm creating check lists. Before I get on the plane tomorrow morning, I have to make sure that two ads are resized and sent to the publications. I also need to send the shopping list for White Linen Night. Check. Check. And done. Tonight I pack and eat yummy leftovers.

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