Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Going back in time

Two purchases today: (1) a little pair of baby moccasins
and (2) a big ring by Debbie Wetmore for me.
I had such a fun day! I was gone from the casita from 10 a.m. until after 4 p.m. I want to give a shout out to sweet Rose for holding "it" the entire time I was gone.

I started the day by going to the Santa Clara Pueblo. It's their Festival Day when the tribe members dress in traditional costumes and perform Harvest and Corn Dances in tribute to their patron saint, St. Clare. There are elders to small children and everyone in between dancing to drum beats and chanting. It's very impressive to think that the Native Americans have been performing the same dances for hundreds of years and they continue to pass down the rituals to their children. I wish it was possible to take photos, but cameras and cell phones are not allowed. The fun continued at lunch with Debbie and Princie, and then Princie and I did shop shopping.

Today I'm creating a day of renewal. I felt so calm and reflective watching the Native American dances.

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