Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A trip back to the high desert

I think this is a purple bottle bush. It wasn't blooming
when I left the casita last week. Look at it now!
I wasn't sure I was going to make it from HOU to ABQ today. As soon as I checked in at Hobby Airport, it started pouring rain. My only hope, which turned out to be reality, was that the storm would be over in the hour before my flight left.

The plane left on time, but climbing to cruising altitude was extremely rocky. The plane was rocking left and right and making all sorts of crackling noises. There were also a couple of times when the plane seemed to fall and my stomach climbed to my throat. Once we got above the clouds the rocking and rolling stopped. Plus, the landing in ABQ today was probably the least bumpy ever. Because the Sunport is surrounded by mountains, landings there can be bumpy and scary!

Today I'm creating time for a sales meeting before getting on a plane back to the high desert. Now that I'm here, I also need to work on a flier to send for design. It's very weird to be at the casita without Rose. She gets a wash and fluff tomorrow morning before I get her. I'm excited to see the sweet girl!

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