Monday, August 18, 2014

A worried mother

I need to be in Houston with Kendall!
I don't know if I should jump in the Explorer with Rose and head for Houston or what. Nick had to take Kendall to the hospital tonight because her blood pressure is so high. Of course, I'm 900 miles away and have worked myself into a frenzy. Even if I locked the doors and started driving, I won't be in Houston until probably 10 a.m. tomorrow, at best.

Nick texted everyone that Kendall is being admitted to the hospital tonight so they can monitor her blood pressure. He said she feels fine, but after she ate tonight her face and hands started swelling and her blood pressure jumped. There is a pregnancy disorder called pre-eclampsia that worries me because in extreme cases it can be life threatening to the mother and baby. I'm crying now because I should be home taking care of Kendall and the baby.

Today I'm creating prayers for Kendall and baby McZam. I'm sure they'll be fine, but I'd feel better if I were in Houston. Regardless of where I am, a few prayers never hurt!

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