Friday, August 29, 2014

Aulay, Day 11: Go Little Man

There are wonderful woman who make and
donate caps for the preemies. He got a yellow one.
The test results are in from the ultrasound of Aulay's head that screens for hemorrhages. As it was explained to us, there are grades one through four, with four being the most serious. The little man only has a single grade one, which will heal itself. The doctors said grades one or two were similar to infants with no hemorrhaging. It's a GREAT day for the McZams and the rest of Team Aulay. Doctors will redo the test in a week just to ensure nothing was missed. We've been told that it's very rare that they would miss anything from the first ultrasound. At four weeks his eyes will be screened for abnormalities. Our little prince continues to amaze!

Dr. Mc is also feeling well. She still has some pain in her abdomen from her c-section, but that's to be expected. Plus, she now weighs less than she did before she was pregnant.

Today I'm creating a clean house for the McZams. Nick has so much music equipment in the house, which needs to go somewhere else to make room from the baby. Kendall is washing and folding Aulay's clothes. And Mr. B along with sweet Rose is driving the last leg of their trip back to Houston. I'm a happy camper!

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