Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aulay, Day 8: The little man gets a bath and his mama leaves the hospital

I love this picture of Aulay that was taken last night. If he is on his stomach he is rooting around to get his hands free, and pushing his little bottom up in the air to get his feet out from underneath him. If he is on his back his arms and legs are in fairly constant movement. His favorite thing to do is grab one of the tubes in each of his tiny fists. We were told by the nurses that preemies haven't been cramped in the mother's womb so they don't like to be in the fetal position like full-term babies. Whatever position the little man takes, he is adorable in my eyes!

Dr. Mc got the green light to leave the hospital today. I talked to Nick around 11 a.m. He and his baby mama were taking their time gathering up everything. Then they were going to visit Aulay before packing the car and heading home. After I left the hospital last night around 10 p.m., the McZams headed up to the NICU. They got there in time to see the little man getting a bath. Kendall said he was crying and his feet were kicking. I remember the little man's mama didn't like bath time, either.

Today I'm creating a trip to a client's office. I don't want them to forget me! Then I'm going to the hospital to stare at the little man for awhile. Next I'll check on Dr. Mc and Nick to ensure that are settled in at home. I talked to Mr. B this morning. He and Rose are still in Santa Fe, but they may drive halfway to Houston today. This means I have one more night to sleep in the middle of the bed.

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