Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sleepy Sunday

Just outside the back door of the casita, this
beautiful holly hock has been a show stopper!
I found a new TV channel that I can't stop watching. I don't know if we have the History Channel 2 in Houston, but I found it in SFe and it's fascinating. Specifically, there's one show titled "10 Things You Didn't Know" that's amazing (I think that's the name of the program). I stayed awake watching what I didn't know about the White House, Presidents, Presidential Assassinations and more. Literally, I was awake when the sun was rising.

I'm not sure why I slept most of the day. Was it because I: (1) stayed awake most of the night watching television; (2) feel guilty not finishing the baby quilts I started; (3) didn't want to clean house; (4) can't find my cell phone; (5) am being driven crazy by the pro bono project I'm working on; or (5) miss my family. Maybe I'm depressed due to a combination of all of the above. I can set unrealistic goals for myself and then get depressed when I don't finish my projects. In fact, this is one of the problems I've had since I semi-retired a few years ago. In my adult life I've always been busy and have never learned how to relax, kick back, and smell the roses without feeling I'm an under achiever. My thoughts at the end of the day are often that I'm a slacker because I didn't accomplished more. Oh how I need to give myself permission to embrace a slower lifestyle.

Today I'm creating photos of the garden. As is the norm in the high desert, the weather begins changing around mid-August and the many of the beautiful colors in the garden begin to fade as autumn nears. I gain so much joy from the garden each summer and feel a sense of loss when the vibrant colors go away.

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