Saturday, August 23, 2014

Aulay, Day 5

The little man doing his best to keep him eyes open for me.
I took Mr. B to the airport this morning. He is flying to ABQ and making the short drive to Santa Fe to rescue Rose from the kennel and close the casita for the summer. They're going to stay in SFe for a few days and then drive back to HOU. Closing down the casita for the summer is usually me job, but I left in a real hurry on Tuesday morning to get back to HOU for a special delivery! I appreciate Mr. B handling these duties this year so I can stay here with Kendall and the little man.

After dropping Mr. B at the airport I went directly to the hospital. I didn't sleep well last night for worrying about Kendall and Aulay. Both Kendall and Nick slept well last night, which I was glad to hear. The nurses did take Kendall for another chest X-ray at 4 a.m. The fluid in her lungs is less, that goodness! Her blood pressure is down, which is also good news. If she is a good girl today she may get to leave the hospital tomorrow. Aulay also had a good night. I stood beside his incubator for about 20 minutes this morning watching the shiny gold heart on his back move with his heartbeat. He was trying to keep his eyes open for me, but it was just too much for the little man. My heart aches to hold him and smother him in kisses, but that's not what's best for him right now.

Today I'm creating time at the hospital as well as time to do some birthday shopping for Sweetness. My baby will be 26 years young tomorrow. How can that be?

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