Monday, August 11, 2014

A damn near incredible day

One of my favorite art pieces from last weekend was a
wall sculpture made entirely of sponges. Very inventive.
This is how every day should be. I worked this morning on mainly pro-bono work for which I received numerous compliments and pats on the back. I love helping non-profit organizations when my skills are appreciated!

This afternoon I made my weekly trip to Fed Ex to send papers back to Houston. I also went to the grocery store, which is about an every-other-day event. And I ended the day by walking to a neighborhood restaurant with Rose to meet Leslie and Dick for dinner. It was a terrific evening for al fresco dining with friends!

Today I'm creating invitations for a baby shower, revising a brochure, and editing a coffee table book. It's on my bucket list to collaborate a coffee table book, and it's happening. Thanks Nicola and Sandi for the opportunity! I'm honored!

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