Sunday, August 24, 2014

Aulay, Day 6

Kendall got to hold the little man for an hour today.
I would be a terrible mother if I didn't start this blog by saying happy 26th birthday to Evan Lizabeth McCarley. As I sit in Woman's Hospital of Texas this afternoon I'm remembering back 26 years when I was in the same hospital for the birthday of Evan. She came out kicking and has been shaking up the world ever since. Love you, Sweetness!

Kendall was hoping to get out of the hospital today, but that wasn't to be. They are keeping her one more day. Although she is anxious to get out, she realizes that she needs to stay until she is stabilized. The worst thing would be that she went home today and was back in the hospital tomorrow! The good news is that she got to hold Aulay this afternoon for about an hour. The doctors are adjusting some of his meds, but all is good. I haven't seen him today. I came directly to Kendall's room first to check on her and bring some food. I'm going to see the little man in about an hour when it's feeding time.

Today I'm creating a casual day consisting of brunch with Evan and an afternoon with Kendall and Nick. Mr. B is in Santa Fe for a few more days so tonight I'll go home and sleep in the middle of the bed.

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