Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A stressful day before a quiet evening

Most of the time I don't have any problems getting things accomplished while I'm in Santa Fe, but today has proven to be difficult. It would have been a much less stressful day if I could have had face-to-face discussions in Houston instead of endless emails and unreturned text messages. To comfort myself, I'm going to make a casual dinner for Mr. B and myself before consuming numerous beverages in anticipation that tomorrow will be a better day.

Another pair of earrings listed on Etsy.
Most of the time when I'm in the high desert, the high-speed Internet runs VERY slowly. I attribute the slowness to thick adobe walls and a metal roof. And when it's cloudy outside, as it was this afternoon, the situation is even worse. I've learned to follow a series of steps before I finally give up on getting anything sent via the Internet. First I sit at the breakfast bar with my computer pulled in to the electric socket. Next I sit by the back door of the casita. And finally I sit outside. Even sitting outside – it was 43 degrees – I had trouble getting emails to send this afternoon. (From the narrative above I omitted the swear words screamed at my screen, the head shaking, fist pounding on the counter top, and other antics that also take place, to no avail, trying to send emails and text messages on afternoons such as this one!)

Today I'm creating advertising magic, I hope. Concept OKed. Designer in place. Photographer in place. Extension from the magazine received. The missing link at this point? The client's final approval. To come, I hope.

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