Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New ad concepts

I'm not really sure why, but Mr. B enjoys going to the grocery store. In Houston, he probably goes three times a week. When he arrived in Santa Fe yesterday, that's almost the first thing he asked me. "What do we need from the grocery store?" Well, he got his wish and went to the store this afternoon, and of course came home with lots more than I put on the list. For me, going to the grocery store is almost as bad as folding clothes. Almost.

It has been so nice to stay inside the casita again today. Mr. B also replaced the batteries in the kiva (fireplace), so it has been on. Rose enjoys sleeping in front of it and I like sitting in one of the chairs across from it and looking at the flickering of the flames.

Today I'm creating concepts for a new ad series. I'm also charging the Dremel so I can make more earrings. Charging the batteries for the Dremel is easier than pulling out the sewing machine, so I think I'll make more jewelry.

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