Friday, April 11, 2014

I left this R.C. Gorman at the estate sale today because I
wasn't sure about the signature.
As I like to do on Friday's, I went to two estate sales today. It's not that I/we need anything, but you never know what you'll find. The first estate sale I attended was in the Galleria area. I had seen photos online and was interested in some Navajo rugs. Unfortunately, they were from the 1980s and priced pretty much at retail. No thanks. Outside there was an rusted red wagon and part of a rusted plow. I like things like these for the garden, but walked away.

The second estate sale I went to was in the historic Westmoreland area. I like to go to estate sales in this area as much for the house as for the contents. Plus, in one of the photos posted online there was a framed R.C. Gorman on the wall. I really couldn't tell anything from the small online photo, so I went to take a look. Even when I got to the house I couldn't tell if the R.C. Gorman was original or not. It was elaborately framed and matted, which made me think it was original. It was really heavy, which made me think it was original. Yet the signature looked off and I couldn't see the edges of the paper to see if it was a poster, print or original. Again I walked away again.

Today I'm creating fun time. Besides spending time at estate sales, Mr. B and I are going to the Menil tonight for a special viewing of the Magritte exhibit. It should be fun!

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