Monday, April 28, 2014

Catching up with Mr. B

Made from old Calumet tin can.
When we first bought the casita and I was here without Mr. B, I would drive to and from ABQ to "gather" him from the airport. Fortunately, that ended after about a year. Now he takes the shuttle from the airport to downtown or vise versa. This morning the shuttle was about 30 minutes late arriving and I stood outside in the wind and cold waiting for him. I had on a shirt, sweatshirt and jacket, and was still cold. It might have been better if my hair wasn't half wet.

The first night that we are together at the casita we always have dinner from Mr. B's favorite inexpensive Italian restaurant in town. Since it's meatless Monday I had my penne pasta without chicken tonight. Most of the time dinner from there is good, but tonight it was exception!

Today I'm creating jewelry. Are you getting tired of hearing that? I may not be making anymore jewelry because I don't have that many tins here. Unless I can find more combinations with the tins I have, I'm going to have to move on to sewing tomorrow.

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