Thursday, May 1, 2014

A trip for socks

Earrings cute from an old recipe box.
I've been in Santa Fe for a couple of weeks now, wearing mostly the winter clothes that I leave here. I don't have any boots here so my feet have been cold most of the time, but today was the last straw. As I was running errands in a pair of slip-on Keds (without socks) it started snowing. I finally broke down and bought two pairs of socks. It's not like me to be frugal so I have to wonder why I didn't buy socks sooner.

One of my pleasures in the high desert is to have an afternoon snack while watching Jeopardy at 6 p.m. and Wheel of Fortune at 6:30 p.m. Wait … how old am I? Anyway, the Jeopardy champ for nine straight days has been Julia, who has won nearly $200K. Too cool! I identify with her because our names are similar.

Today I'm creating jewelry. When I was out this morning I found two old recipe boxes for $5 total. I immediately bought them, came back to the casita and cleaned them, cut out shapes, and started creating. Petit and sweet is how I describe them.

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