Thursday, April 3, 2014

Countdown to the auction

The auction items (except the wine pull, 72 bottles of wine, and 45 pieces of art at my house) were transported to the Candlelight Dinner & Auction venue a little after noon today. Set up was delayed by around three hours, but I had a terrific team of committee members who saw my vision and made it happen in the shortened time span. It was an exciting afternoon seeing everything come together!
My guilty pleasure from Good Dog is worth every calorie!

While I was waiting on the tables to be set up for auction, I indulged one of my guilty pleasures. I went to Good Dog in the Heights and ordered a "dog" with red potato salad. Oh …  my … goodness! I probably go once a month by myself and sit at the counter. I order a diet coke along my hotdog and side. While my food is being prepared I read whatever I've brought along, which today was my auction to-do list that I have on my iPad. It's always worth the wait because Good Dog serves me a yummy dog!

Today I'm creating a magazine ad. As soon as Mr. B left the house this morning, I began writing the ad while propped up in bed on pillows. Sometimes the concepts and writing comes quickly, and fortunately today was one of those days. I had to do a little pacing and talking to myself, but it came together in a way that made me really proud. Still, regardless of my volunteer work, paying clients must come first. In fact, that was what I wrote about in the ad I wrote today: Clients first, first, foremost and always!

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