Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter Sunday!

Rose enjoying the sunny morning.
Growing up, my daddy, mother, brother and I would spend Easter with my paternal grandparents in Bryan, Tx. First thing on Easter Sunday the six of us would eat breakfast, followed by the daily Bible reading, then dressing to attend Sunday School and church services as Cavalry Baptist Church. (My grandfather literally helped build the original  church.) Everyone who went there was family to my grandparents. They all knew "Jr." as they called my father and the rest of us. It wasn't unusual to hear "look how you've grown" even if we'd just seen them the prior month.

I loved the Easter songs that we would sing. My grandfather was usually an usher. I can hear his singing from his spot at the back of the church. He wasn't always in the same key as the rest of the congregation, but he was singing praises to his Lord God. After church it was back to their small house to change clothes and Easter egg hunting with my older brother, until we outgrew that part of the day. The boiled eggs were quickly turned into deviled eggs for lunch, which was usually fried fish that had been caught by my grandfather, fresh vegetables from my grandparents garden, and some wonderfully delicious dessert. This remained a tradition for years. Even when Dr. Mc was small we would all cram in the small house.

Today I'm creating sweet memories of my family who are now with God. How wonderful it would be for the six of us to have a deviled egg or two. I lovingly remember all of them this and almost every other day.

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