Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An afternoon in the car

Rose rode in the car with me today.
She's a great traveler!
Only two days remaining until the auction. I spent all afternoon in the car running here and there. My to-do list is shorter for tomorrow. I'll spend the morning picking up some items and the afternoon taking things to the venue and beginning the set up.

When I wasn't in the car I was on the computer creating table signs for the items. My typing skills are terrific, but my design skills are limited. I wish I could have made the certificates more decorative. Oh well. I want people looking at the auction items, not reading the descriptions.

Today I'm creating a trip to a fabric store … that's closing. For years I've gone to a fabric store on Hwy. 290. It's moving somewhere on Old Katy Road, so maybe it will be closer. Hwy. 290 is always a mess with construction, and today there was a bad wreck. Ugh! Anyway, getting what I needed from the fabric store has moved to tomorrow's list.

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