Thursday, April 17, 2014

A sick day

I couldn't get to sleep until almost 4 a.m. this morning. Let's see. Watery eyes. Runny (and bloody) nose. Scratchy throat. And let's not forget Rose's snoring. I must have been making some noise of my own when I finally got to sleep because I felt her jump off the bed. Later I saw her laying on the floor in the hallway.

I've written before how Mr. B and I adopted Rose from the SPCA. We were told she was found on the street by some firemen and taken to the SPCA. She looked really sad when we got her (see the pic-of-the-day). She still suffers from separation anxiety when she can't locate me. I might have traumatized her on the final day of driving to Santa Fe. It was unbelievably windy so I put her in a dog run at a place I stopped to get gas, go to the restroom, and get snacks. I could see her most of the time and she was running all over the dog run looking for me. Since we reached Santa Fe, she hasn't let me out of her sight for a minute unless I've left the house.

Today I'm creating a day of rest. I'm going to have a shower in a few minutes, put on some clean pajamas, and then crawl back into bed. Yes, my head is pounding and I feel that bad.

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