Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Final leg to Santa Fe

I passed on the pre-packaged cotton candy
while getting snacks at Russell's. 
I decided to try some different things on the final leg to Santa Fe. I got off the highway and started down Historic Route 66, but it was too boring so I got back on the highway. Closer to Santa Fe I tried it again, and it was even worse. I think I was expecting to see vintage convertibles cruising down Route 66, but there were none. Just closed down gas stations and tumbleweeds.

I also stopped at a place on the road called Russell's. It puts Stuckey's and Buckee's to shame. There was a complete restaurant that was almost full of "diners." Then there was a Subway Sandwich counter. But wait, there's more. There was also a gift area AND the biggest convenience store I've ever seen, plus a clean restroom.

Today I'm creating the Internet connection at the casita. I forget that when I'm here Firefox works better than Safari and Google Chrome. After I remembered that, I'm back in business.

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