Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A busy yet fun day

Two cute tin boxes that have been waiting on
me since Thanksgiving 2013.
I spent this morning with my favorite Santa Fe Realtor, Richard Anderson, touring homes that are located around the casita. As I expected, none of them were nearly as cute as Pettita Casita. It was surprising to me that the homes for sale were in various stages. From working with Houston Realtors, I know that it's important to make a good first impression. In Santa Fe, that's apparently not the case! No landscaping. Terribly loud wall colors. Bad paint jobs. Cluttered rooms and closets. Dirty stoves. Yet every home we saw had a top dollar asking prices. I was stunned! After looking around, Richard and I had lunch at one of my favorite casual places – Tune-up. My tuna melt was as fabulous as always. I even splurged and had fries. Yum!

After lunch Richard had to go to work (bummer) so I checked the mailbox, which hadn't been done since Thanksgiving 2013. The box was full of mainly Wednesday shopping fliers. Nothing exciting there, but there were also two adorable tin boxes. I forgot I had ordered them off eBay and they hadn't arrived before I went back to Houston after Thanksgiving.

Today I'm creating a newsletter article, a magazine article, and an update for a website. This is multi-processing at its best.

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