Sunday, April 27, 2014

A pajama day

These earrings have super hero colors.
The skies were beautiful in the hight desert, but the it was windy again. Because of the wind, Rose and I declared it a pajama day and never got dressed. That doesn't mean we didn't work inside the house. Mr. B is arriving tomorrow morning, so I cleaned and straightened up.

I also spent time today trying to reach people. A cousin had surgery last week so I found out how she is doing. Another cousin just bought a new home so I looked at the photos of that. I talked to Mitzie. Her mom is having trouble with her eyes and Mitzie's father-in-law isn't doing well. I was lucky that when my parents' health began to fail they were both in town, as was Mr. B's mom. I know it's difficult for Mitzie to take care of her mom (who lives in Salina, Kansas) and for Bob to take care of his dad (who lives in SoƱora, Texas). On many weekends, Bob drives to Sonora to be with him dad.

Today I'm creating jewelry (what else). I made several pairs of earrings and started a bracelet that I'm not sure I like.

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