Saturday, April 26, 2014


Pretty yellow flower in the garden.
It's a weird day in the high desert. It has been cloudy all day, which is very unusual. It's cold, which it shouldn't be in late April. And the wind is incredibly strong! I was driving in the Explorer and the wind was whipping it around. The wind reminds me of West Texas, Chicago and Corpus Christi, all of which are always windy.

Rose and I got everything checked off our to-do list. Let's see. 1). Take Rose for a short walk. Check. 2). Eat breakfast. Check. 3). Go back to bed for a morning nap. Check. 4). Shower and dress. Check (Rose skipped this). 5). Look at emails and Facebook. Check (Rose skipped this, also). Busy, busy day at the casita. We may have to have an afternoon nap soon.

Today I'm creating jewelry. Actually, it wasn't on our to-do list, but Rose and I also went to Goodwill. I had three paper bags of items to donate. While I was there, I also went inside to look for tins. Scored two fun pieces for a total of $5. Now I have the rest of the afternoon and evening to make jewelry. Check.

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