Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Aulay, Day 64

My angel!
Big Daddy posted a photo of Dr. Mc and the little prince on his Facebook page. The photo was take last night. She was cuddling with him after his bath. I compared last night's photo to a similar one that was taken on Sept. 12. The little man looks twice as big!

Now that he weighs more than five pounds, people are asking when is he leaving the hospital. The family is wanting the answer to that question, also. He is still conquering the hurdle of bottle feeding. Breathing, sucking and swallowing is tiring for these little babies. He's working hard to accomplish this so he can go home with his parents! He also still has occasional problems with reflux.

Today I'm creating my Tuesday client meeting and also working on two events that will occur this weekend. I'm organizing a small children's festival for Saturday and on Sunday there is an art reception. I'll be sick of Halloween by the end of this weekend!

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