Thursday, October 16, 2014

Aulay, Day 59

The little prince had both eyes open and was waiting for me to feed him this morning. He is catching onto the bottle feeding really well. When something touches his cheek, he turns his head to the side and opens his mouth. However, he's not as good at burping and can get cranky and squirmy!

I had strange feelings this morning while I was at the hospital. I'm sure they are probably normal feelings considering what has been going on, but I'm still bothered. A baby went home last week. Another baby went home yesterday and one is going home tomorrow. A fourth baby is leaving this weekend. I'm happy that those babies are well enough to leave the hospital and go home to their families, but sad because our baby is still in the hospital. I'm telling myself to stay positive. The little prince will leave the hospital within the next month. Sometimes my self talks work, and sometimes they don't. I can only imagine how frustrating this situation must be to Dr. Mc and Big Daddy. Aulay is the best place he can be right now!

Today I'm creating clean clothes. Mr. B was nice and washed clothes earlier this week. Unfortunately, he put two of my tops in the dryer and they shrunk up to a size almost small enough for Aulay. Not a good look!

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