Saturday, October 4, 2014

Aulay, Day 47

The little man is becoming a chunky monkey.
I'm making a display of photos of Aulay so I've spent most of the day looking at pictures of the little prince. So many photos of him are taken by so many people that it was hard to select which photos to have printed. I'm really not the best person for this project, but I'm doing it anyway. I should have started sooner and gotten my cousin, Susan, involved. She is the card maker and scrapbooker in the family, not me.

Since I have a little bit of a runny nose I didn't see the little man today. I feel terribly guilty, but would feel much worse if he got the sniffles from me! The pic-of-the-day was taken yesterday. I have no doubt that he looks just as cute today!

Today I'm creating a 9 a.m. haircut. It seems that I've been growing my hair out forever. Below shoulder length hair yesterday became chin length this morning. It looks sassy in a straight bob, but who knows how it will look once I have to style it myself tomorrow.

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