Friday, October 10, 2014

Aulay, Day 53

When I went to the hospital this morning, Aulay had his breathing tube back in his nose. His oxygen saturation level was up and down yesterday afternoon, so the tube went back in his nose. The nurse assured me this wasn't a setback and I believe her. He is still so tiny and young. He did make it to the open air crib last night and his body temperature stayed normal. It was great to see him this morning out of the incubator.

I held the little man for his 11 a.m. feeding, but this may soon change, also. The little prince is being evaluated this afternoon to see if he is ready to start breast feeding (and bottle feeding breast milk when Dr. Mc isn't available). Additionally, Dr. Mc and Big Daddy are meeting with special nurses this afternoon to talk about breast feeding. The nurse told me that when a preemie starts bottle feeding it is as if s/he is taking a jazzercise class. It takes so much energy for them to suck down the milk. If a preemie isn't developed enough, the results won't be good.

Today I'm creating ideas for a monthly direct mail campaign. I enjoy concepting when my brain cooperates. I have all weekend to let my creative juices flow before discussing my ideas with the client on Monday.

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