Friday, October 3, 2014

Aulay, Day 46

He's so sweet and adorable!
I had a great morning with the little man. The nurse told me that his feeding time has been shortened from two hours to an hour and a half. To me this indicates that he is doing better with his reflux problem. And – get ready for it – the little prince now weighs 4 lbs! Ta-da! He really is putting on about an ounce a day now. At this rate he should weigh 5 lbs. around the middle of the October. Maybe then his feeding tube will come out and either breast or bottle feeding (with breast milk) can begin. Keep growing and developing, Aulay!

I'm determined to have the back bedroom cleared out by Sunday night. I'm slowly working on it. My goal is to bring my sewing downstairs from the garage apartment and put it in the back bedroom. Using the bedroom as a craft room seems like a much better use of the room.

Today I'm creating a big pot of beans. In anticipation of the cooler weather that arrived this morning, I soaked a bag of 16 different beans overnight. When I came back from the hospital this afternoon I put the beans on the stove top along an onion, Italian sausage and spices. The house is beginning to really smell great! The only thing that's missing is the cornbread for tonight's dinner.

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