Saturday, October 18, 2014

Aulay, Day 61

Aulay looking serious, but still handsome!
I'm taking the day off from visiting the little man so Mr. B and I can tackle some much needed home projects. There is rotten wood on the front porch that has to be replaced. Welcome to home ownership of a 100+ year old wooden house. Now the problem is how to keep the three feral cats off the primed porch.

Our friends Sandy and Dave are staying in Pettita Casita for a couple of days. They arrived last Thursday. Sandy and Dave are both early risers, and are enjoying sitting outside in the mornings with their books. When Sandy has been at the casita with me during the summer she wakes up, makes herself a pot of java (I don't drink coffee), and then heads to the portal with a book. She might spend an hour drinking coffee and reading a book before I wake up. When Rose and I are there alone in the summer, I'll often sit under the portal in my pajamas with my yogurt and computer. October is Mr. B is really looking forward to November when we will make our annual Thanksgiving journey to the casita. This year we have a little man to add to our list of what we are thankful for: Aulay Evan Zamora. We will also say a special thank you – as I do every day – for all of our friends who have followed Aulay's progress and prayed for his continued growth and development.

Today I'm creating best wishes for Kelly and Cliff who are getting married tonight. Mr. B and I drive out to Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club for the nuptials. It's a big deal for the Pettits to go so far outside The Loop on a Saturday night!

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