Sunday, October 12, 2014

Aulay, Day 55

My view of the little man when I'm holding him.
It was a good morning with the little man at the hospital. While I was holding him, he would open and close his eyes. Stretch out. Turn red. Smile. Sleep. Repeat. I knew exactly what he was doing. He was pooping over and over again. This smelly action wasn't the best part of my visit with him, even though the nurse changed his diaper.

A technician came in wheeling some sort of a machine. She introduced herself to me and said she was there to test Aulay's hearing, so I laid him back in his crib. It was interesting to see how they test a preemies hearing. I guess it was some sort of sound waves that bounces noises off his ear drum. Whatever the machine was doing, he didn't like being messed with while he was trying to sleep. Here's the good news. He passed in both ears. I've seen him react to sounds so I'm not surprised at the test results. He got a purple star on his chart to let the nurses, doctors and other technicians know that his hearing has been tested and he passed. Go Aulay!

Today I'm creating a blanket for the little man's "playard." When my girls were little the name for this item was a plan pen, but that's no longer "politically correct." It took Mr. B and me about an hour to assemble the playard that includes a changing station and a bassinet. I'm getting ready for the little man to be released from the hospital and come to the house for visits.

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