Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Aulay, Day 57 – Eight weeks since his delivery; five weeks until his due date

The little man looks so cute in his long britches.
I was thrilled this morning to be able to feed the little prince. The same occupational therapist who gave me the bottle feeding lesson yesterday was with me this morning for guidance. Having that little man look at me during his feeding was heartwarming. After burping him, I cuddled him on my chest near my heart. The top of his little head got lots of kisses.

I left the hospital to have lunch with Debbie W and Princie. The three of us had fun times together in Santa Fe last summer. Since I left the high desert in hurry on August 19 (the day Aulay was born), it was good to catch up. Plus, my egg salad sandwich at Local Foods was very tasty!

Today I'm creating … greasy hair. I got up late today so instead of washing my hair I put some product in it. I must have used too much because my hair feels wet and looks greasy. Note to self: easy does it!

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