Monday, October 20, 2014

Aulay, Day 63

I love walking into the NICU and seeing the little man with his eyes open. It makes me feel like he is waiting on me to arrive. First things first. I took his temperature and changed a poopy diaper and his clothes. All the time he was just a chattering at me. Then we settled into the rocker for me to bottle feed him. Only a few minutes in he spit up – big time. Clothes off and we were back in the rocker to finish the bottle. At the end of the bottle he had another big spit up. I cleaned him up, put new clothes on him, and we were back in the rocker for cuddle time.
The man and me yesterday.

The little man was wide awake and alert today for the first hour of my visit. He was responded to sounds by turning his head and moving his eyes. We also had fun with a little game I'll call "monkey-see, monkey-do." He enjoys rolling his tongue out of his mouth. When he does it, I'll do it back to him. He watches very closely, thinks about it, and then rolls his tongue out again. Today he started making an "O" shape with his mouth, so we did that back and forth, also.

Today I'm creating an e-blast for a client. After I left the hospital I made a trip to IKEA, home of most things good and inexpensive. Some assembly required by Mr. B either tonight or tomorrow. 

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