Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sales promotions

A baby kitty is living on our front porch. I've been trying to
find a home for her because Mr. B is allergic to cat dander.
In the meantime, Rose and the kitty have formed a special
bond. Rose licks the kitty from head to toe and the kitty
now thinks that Rose is her mama. Sweet!
The Rule of Seven is an old marketing adage that this old(er) marketing professional feels is gospel. The "rule" is that a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before s/he takes action and buys from you. I'm always surprised when clients think they only have to do one or two promotions before they get results. This might be the case if they're targeting the right buyers (a niche market) and have created powerful marketing materials that use language the target audience relates to (i.e. speak to their major problems and how to solve them). But generally, with all the messages people are bombarded with, it's difficult to get past the "noise" and be heard in less than seven times. This makes so much sense and I don't understand why businesses think their message is so special that the "rule" doesn't apply to them. Trust me. It applies to everyone!
Can you tell from the first paragraph that it was a challenging day? But it's OK. This evening I made a lovely pasta dinner for Mr. B and me that I'm finishing with bubbly. Yes. In my world bubbly makes everything more tolerable.
Today I'm creating event plans to share with a new client, which is always fun for me! I realized today that one of the benefits of age is the number of relationships I've made throughout my life, especially during the years I've been involved in marketing. The youngsters may have more speed than I have, but my rolodex is bigger. So while they may spend several days trying to put something together, I can make a couple of phone calls and it happens. Yes!

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