Saturday, June 28, 2014

A visit with an old friend

Menchie's yogurt …  it's what's for lunch.
There's a knock on the door this morning and there stands our friend who used to live down the street. Great neighbors Viki and John Hennessy moved to Seattle a number of years ago. Before they moved, we would always see John walking their two dogs in the afternoon.  During his walks he would meet and talk to so many people. He was always a hub of information! He comes to town about once a year to visit his family here. Ms. Viki stayed in Seattle this time. She is a crafter like me so I had to find out what she is doing before running out and leaving John to catch up with Mr. B.

It's a good think that we canceled the garage sale that was supposed to take place this morning. (It's raining in Houston again.) I think it has been rescheduled for mid-July when I'll be gone. Mr. B enjoys the interaction that occurs during garage sales, but to me they are akin to sticking sharp objects under my fingernails.

Today I'm creating a search for background photos. Too many choices to pick just one.

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