Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day two of the serger crisis

Ali McGraw at last night's event.
My serger that was supposed to arrive yesterday is still not here. The online tracking information says that it's out for delivery, but it's after 1 p.m. in the high desert and there's no sight of the delivery man. My sister-in-law Missy posted yesterday that she hoped there would be a different delivery driver today since Rose did her best to protect me and the casita yesterday, and scared the man away.

Speaking of the high desert, yesterday's all-day rain had me thinking I was in Houston. Seriously, it was cloudy and raining most of the day, including last night when there was so much thunder and lightning that Rose left her cool sleeping spot on the bathroom floor to crawl up in my lap. All the rain was followed by a beautiful day today with blue skies, white fluffy clouds, and below-normal temps.

Today I'm creating headlines. Thinking of catchy headlines that make people want to read more isn't as easy as it sounds. My philosophy on headlines is less is more, so every word has to be meaningful. I did have a chuckle today when I called the Santa Fe police department to report an abandoned car. No one answered the phone. An appropriate headline for this circumstance and most interactions with Santa Fe officials might be "Out to Lunch" (pun intended).

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