Friday, July 4, 2014

Definitely leaving tomorrow … probably

I decided to clean the house and spend July 4th with Mr. B before leaving for Santa Fe. My part of cleaning is completed, Mr. B is readying the grill, and the flag is proudly waving outside. Well, almost! I don't think there is any breeze outside, so the flag is proudly hanging outside.
Proud to be an American!

As usual, the car will be full when I leave! I brought the family rocker back from Santa Fe so Dr. Mc and #1 son-in-law Nick can use it. This time I'll be taking another chair back with me to replace the rocker. And I'm taking the R.C. Gorman to Santa Fe and an old map of the city. Not sure where they will fit in the casita, but that's where they should be located. I also have a great photo of an old Texas garage by our friend and international photographer Arthur Meyerson. It may also go to the casita.

Today I'm creating edits to four marketing fliers. Mr. B has delivered them for me. Work is complete until Monday.

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