Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An unusual rainy midday

Good news! No borers in the apricot tree.
Rose was sunning herself on the portal this morning when a clap of thunder brought her back into the casita. Granted it's the monsoon season in the high desert, but that usually means mid-afternoon showers for 30 minutes to an hour, not midday thunderstorms.

I made a tasty pot of soup yesterday with vegetables I bought at the Farmer's Market. The only problem is that it is a HUGE pot of soup. Can I freeze most of it, or should I divvy up the soup and deliver some to friends?

Today I'm making tin earrings. I've been sewing and hadn't done anything with the tins I brought. Last night I took out my little snack tray that I use when making jewelry. I filled the tabletop with tins and started cutting. I'm still looking for a tin canister I brought with earrings in it, but maybe I left it in Houston.

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