Monday, July 7, 2014

A damn-near perfect morning!

Colorful holly hocks in the garden are close to six-feet tall.
I slept so well last night with the bedroom windows open and the ceiling fan running. When I let Rose out for her morning "business" it was in the 60s with low, low humidity. The only thing that would make this morning more perfect is if Mr. B, my daughters and their significant others were here with Rose and me. On second thought, 6.5 people in the casita with only one bathroom might not be so perfect!

This morning I have reviewed a sponsorship proposal for a client and made a recommendation to move forward with it. I finished a newspaper article for a client and sent it off for approval. I've completed Facebook postings for clients (yes, that's work I get paid to do). And I've done some pro bono work. All these tasks are complete and now the afternoon belongs to Rose and me.

Today I'm creating my high desert craft areas. The dining room will become my sewing space and the breakfast bar transforms to my jewelry area. I also foresee a trip to the grocery store sometime this afternoon as well as dusting and vacuuming (not necessarily in the order listed).

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