Sunday, July 6, 2014

We're here!

Bad wax (?) statue of Billy the Kid.
Rose and I made it to Santa Fe this afternoon after making a short detour and stop in Ft. Sumner, which I've always wanted to do. Billy the Kid is buried there along with a museum and gift shop. I can check that off my list of things to do, and don't recommend it to anyone else.

Once we got to the casita, I unloaded the car while Rose found her toys that had been left in a basket. The casita is open. The fans are circulating. And the flowers are magnificent. We took a stroll through the front garden and side yard snapping photos to share the next couple of days. There are new "volunteers" as Little Ricky likes to say, which means that they weren't planted, but just popped up. Several are giant thistles. They are covered in little bees, one of which decided it didn't want to be photographed so it flew on my arm and stung me. The minute I felt the sting I swatted the little fella with my iPhone. It feel to the ground, but left its stinger in my arm. I pulled the stinger out, but there's a big red swollen knot on my arm.

Today I'm creating the last leg of my journey to the casita. I already feel less stressed and can't wait to have a bubble bath (no tubs in Houston) and fall asleep tonight with the windows open.

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