Sunday, July 13, 2014

A quiet day at the casita

Lavender growing in the desert garden.
I'm not sure that my little furry friend Rose has adapted to the time change. She wakes me up to take her outside in the morning much earlier than she goes out in Houston. Apparently she doesn't realize that we are on vacation, which calls for sleeping late and especially on the weekends.

I decided last night before I went to bed that I wasn't going to leave the casita today. It was a wise decision since it has been overcast and hasn't reached 80 degrees today. Rose likes it when I stay home with her all day.

Today I'm creating quilt squares. I don't have a surface large enough in the casita to spread out the quilt top and back it, so I'm going to take it to Houston and finish it there. In the meantime, I have another quilt that I want to make. It's going to be smaller so I can finish it here.

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